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Agenda Day One

Day One: Industry Overview

9:00A - 5:28A | Registration Opens

9:00A - 5:00P | Ask an Expert

UNFILTERED EXPERIENCE will host a one-day program series featuring experts representing different expertise areas crucial to running a beauty business.

12:00P - 7:00P | Show Floor Open

10:00A - 5:00P | Entrepreneur Summit

Powered by BeautyMatter
Launching and scaling a beauty business is hard work. The industry is competitive, moves quickly, and has low barriers to entry hone your competitive edge and take your business to the next level. This one-day immersive conference is developed to empower beauty entrepreneurs with actionable insights and tools. Classes are lead by industry experts who will share their knowledge and experience in a dynamic lecture/workshop format. Attendees will learn first hand how to move the needle with sales, turn ideas into action through marketing and managing financials for growth.

12:00P - 5:00P | Unfilteredtalks Business

Access a series of panels, round tables discussions and presentations featuring key opinion leaders and stay ahead of the curve. Get insights on trends shaping the market and learn how they might impact your business.

5:30P - 7:00P | After Dark

Join Us For Industry Day

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur who is looking to learn more about how to get your beauty business off the ground, Day ONE is made for you. With networking, exploratory meetings and educational workshops, this day is crafted for you.

The Full Agenda

9:00A - 5:00P

Ask An Expert Series

Meet experts who can provide actionable insights to help steer your business onto a growth path by unlocking their professional expertise. One on one 10 minute meetings open to exhibitors and attendees alike. Get your questions answered! The lineup and specialties covered are listed below.

  • 10a Brand Personality & Design. Industry Expert: Sherri Koetting | MSLK

  • 11a Launch to Success. Industry Expert: Lauren Steinberg | Queen V

  • 12p Product Claims and Testing. Industry Expert: Craig Weiss | Consumer Product Testing

  • 1p Developing a Strong Retail Strategy. Industry Expert: Sarah Chung | Landing International

  • 2p Business Plan / Funding Your Business. Industry Expert: Kimberly Heathman

  • 3p Develop International Markets. Industry Expert: Tony Michalski | US Commercial Service

  • 4p Influencer Marketing. Industry Expert: Breanna Armstrong | Editour Media

10:00A - 5:00P

Entrepeneur Summit

Powered by BeautyMatter

Launching and scaling a beauty business is hard work. The industry is competitive, moves quickly, and has a low barrier to entry. Discover how to hone your competitive edge and take your business to the next level. This one-day immersive conference is developed to empower beauty entrepreneurs with actionable insights and tools. Classes are led by industry experts who will share their experience and knowledge in a dynamic lecture/workshop format. Attendees will learn first-hand how to move the needle with sales and turn ideas into actions through marketing and managing financials for growth.

Entrepreneur Summit Includes:

  • One-hour interactive lectures from a topic expert followed by a Q&A session.
  • A two-hour hands-on branding workshop offered in partnership with Columbia University Business School.
  • The workshop and classes are available individually or as a full day package.

10:00A - 11:00A

The ABC's of Creating a Cult Beauty Product

Product development in the beauty industry is not what it used to be. Well-informed consumers are holding brands to higher standards. Social success requires products and packaging to stand out. And ‘fast beauty’ has truncated timelines, which would have been considered impossible in the past. Dig into the new realities, popular misconceptions and best practices of product development.

Featuring: Tracy Holland | CEO, HatchBeauty

11:00A - 12:00P

Sell-in, Sell-through and Repeat: The New Normal of Retail

The new normal of retail is an omni-channel, highly competitive, constantly evolving space that requires more than the perfect product to succeed. Developing a distribution strategy with the right partners at the right cadence while achieving growth and profitability is an art form. Learn how to avoid retail pitfalls, while perfecting your pitch, planning your launch, and building a profitable business.

Featuring: Sarah Chung | CEO, Landing International

12:00P - 2:00P

Brand Audit Workshop: Building the Brand Experience

Every company, product, and service builds relationships with its stakeholders. This is the essence of a brand. This session will first discuss how to consider your brand’s features, functional benefits, emotional benefits, and personality to develop its core. Then it will detail a set of techniques to examine all the moments of interaction people have with your brand, and how to craft such experiences along five dimensions: sense, think, feel, act, and relate.

Note: Boxed Lunch Served.
Featuring: Matthew Quint | Director, Center on Global Brand Leadership, Columbia Business School

2:00P - 3:00P

Competing and Winning in a Hyper Connected World

How we communicate is changing at warp speed. But marketing at its core is simply telling stories that connect with people. It’s not about the approach: it’s about the omni-channel consumer, which is more informed and empowered than ever. Learn how to build a high-impact and scalable marketing strategy that compels and converts without breaking the budget.

Featuring: Mike Indursky | CEO Hear Me Raw

3:00P - 4:00P

Understanding the Fundamentals of Funding

What’s success? What does it look like for you? From bootstrapping to venture capital to everything in-between, there are many paths to funding a startup. However, one thing is certain, unless you’ve been ordained as the hottest up-and-coming ‘unicorn’, nothing about fundraising is easy. Learn the 101’s of navigating the fundraising landscape, its options, requirements and expectations.

Featuring: Ken Suslow | Sandbridge Capital

4:00P - 5:00P

An Insider's Perspective to the Future of Retail

How do you make an impression with buyers while they’re constantly inundated with pitches and products? In an omni-channel world the key to success is often finding the balance between online and offline, while identifying the right retail partners. Learn from the source on how to gain a buyer’s attention, land the deal and build a partnership.

Featuring: Elena Severin THE DETOX MARKET | Stacia Prince CULT BEAUTY UK | Kandice Hansen REVOLVE

12:00P - 5:00P

Unfilteredtalks Business

12:30P - 2:00P

CBD Beauty and Wellness: Opportunities, Challenges and Successes

The Cannabis Rush. As the most sought-after ingredient for beauty and wellness we see national retailers widely embracing the CBD category with the number of products containing some type of CBD mushrooming. But what is actually impacting sales? What claims will generate sales yet not regulatory attention? And what works for raising awareness and connection with consumers?

Speakers: Kim Wellen, Mantra Mask
Moderated by: Kristen Nichols, Editor, Hemp Industry Daily

2:30P - 4:00P

The Realities of Social Media Marketing: Setting Expectations

Beauty unicorns have enjoyed massive social media community support. Yet a clear path that one can follow to achieve similar results is non-existent. Influencer marketing, influencer collaborations, influencer trips, influencer events are all campaigns tested and tried by these social media mavens. Find out their insights and strategies to approaching social media and influencer marketing and have your questions answered.

Speakers: Vanessa Garcia Pangilinan LIMECRIME | Anya Kleyman BH COSMETICS | Conor Begley TRIBE DYNAMICS
Moderator: Karen Wilhemlsen EDITOUR MEDIA

4:00P - 5:00P

Access Business | Greenwashing: Does Natural Mean Safe?

There's fierce competition in the natural organic segment with manufacturers seeking to become the 'cleanest' they can be. This quest is solely for appealing to consumer's fears of toxic ingredients and desire to live a clean lifestyle. However, in doing so, are consumers more prone to experience unstable moldy formulas that are bacteria prone and spoil faster than standard cosmetics?

Speakers: Dr Hal Simeroth founder Stemology

5:30P - 7:00P

Join Us For An After Dark Cocktail Party

Drink and network after hours on the show floor while we dim the lights and reset the vibe. Re-connect with friends, make new ones and see the brightest in beauty.

Featuring DJ Randy and a special Congo Drum Performance

Location Info

Magic Box

1933 S


Los Angeles

CA 90007

Meet our Los Angeles Affiliate Partners

Meet our Los Angeles Brand Partners

Meet The Speakers

Meet The Speakers

Kelly Kovack from Beauty Matter



Beauty Matter

Stacia Prince from Cult Beauty



Cult Beauty

Elena Severin from The Detox Market



The Detox Market

Sherri Koetting from MSLK




Tony Michalski from U.S. Commmercial Service



U.S. Commmercial Service

Sarah Chung from Landing International



Landing International

Mike Indursky from Hear Me Raw



Hear Me Raw

Karen Wilhemlsen from Editour Media



Editour Media

Tracy Holland from Hatch Beauty



Hatch Beauty

Breanna Armstrong from Editour Media



Editour Media

Jacqueline Rumohr from Nelly Rodi



Nelly Rodi

Anya Kleyman from BH Cosmetics



BH Cosmetics

Conor Begley from Tribe Dynamics



Tribe Dynamics

Vanessa Pangilinan from Limecrime




Lauren Steinberg from Queen V



Queen V

Ken Suslow from Sandbridge Capital



Sandbridge Capital

Matt Quint from Columbia Business School



Columbia Business School

Craig Weiss from Consumer Product Testing



Consumer Product Testing

Kristen Nichols from Editor Hemp Industry Daily



Editor Hemp Industry Daily

Kim Wellen from Mantra Mask



Mantra Mask

Mark Masinter from Founder Neighborhood Goods



Founder Neighborhood Goods

Dr Hal Simeroth from Founder Stemology

Dr Hal


Founder Stemology

Kimberley Heathman from



Visitor FAQ

+ How much do tickets cost?

BEAUTY LOVER (Saturday only) - $25.00 Early Bird - $20.00
BEAUTY ENTHUSIAST (Saturday only) - $99.00 Early Bird - $75.00
BEAUTY STUDENT ACADEMY STUDENT (Saturday only show floor) - $15.00 Early Bird - $10.00
BEAUTY INTELLECTUAL (Saturday only) - $225.00 Early Bird - $199.00
ENTREPRENEUR SERIES SINGLE-(Friday only) - $145.00 Early Bird - $99.00
ENTREPRENEUR SUMMIT PACKAGE (Friday & Saturday) - $695.00 Early Bird - $595.00
ACCESS BUSINESS (Friday & Saturday) - $395.00 Early Bird - $295.00

+ Where do I buy tickets?

Online prior to Wednesday April 24th. Up until March 25 thtickets will be offered at a reduced rate while after March 25th tickets will be priced at the regular rate. Limited tickets avaialble for the event.

+ Can I buy tickets onsite?

Yes, assuming tickets are still available. Regular pricing applies onsite.

+ Can I get a discount on tickets?

Yes, but you must purchase your ticket prior to March 25th, 2020

+ Is there free parking?

No, but there is plenty of partking at The Magic Box venue for a fee.

+ Can I come and go with my admission ticket?

Yes, you will be given a wristband that must be worn at all times, If removed or tampered with you will be denied entrance unless you purchase a new ticket

+ Can I buy products at the show?

Absolutely! All brand participants will be selling product, sampling product or both.

+ Are there classes that I can attend?

Yes, Take a look at our agenda page there are multiple education classes both Friday & Saturady. Classes are offered for a fee.

+ Are children allowed?

We welcome children over 12 years old. All children between 12 and 17 must be accompanied by and adult. Insurance Waiver must be signed, prior to admittance. Children's tickets can only be purchased on site.

+ Will you offer any services at the event, like haircuts, manicures or skin treatments?

There will be services offered by brand participants for hair, skin, nails, make up and augmented reality.

+ Can I bring my husband?

There is no pre-requisite to attend. All guests must be over 12 years old and purchase a ticket to attend.

+ Do you offer babysitting services?

No, please make arrangements for your children under 12 years of age. Pets or children under 12 years will not be permitted to attend.

+ Is there a dress code?

There is no dress code, but it is quite cool inside the showroom and classrooms.

+ Will you serve liquor or food?

No liquor will be sold or allowed in the building. Food trucks have been requested for staging just outside the building.

+ Where is the event held?

Unfiltered Experience will be held at The Magic Box located downtown.
Address: 1933 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90007
Phone: (213) 763-5715